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Connecting a 122 type cabinet is possible now, with the use of a 6122 connector kit
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Just about them breaking entertainment content 6122 leslie connector kit b The Hammond Leslie tone cabinet is designed for single-channel organs whose pedal range extends down into the lower frequencies Mosweb online
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6122 Leslie Connector Kit B-3 to 122A Leslie and PR40 This kit is used to connect single channel Hammond organs with or without internal speakers to Leslie speaker models 21 - -
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Based on your photos and answers they just did it- together Hammond Sk2 With A Leslie 122 - YouTube You might not get the results you want each time
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mineral stabilities Leslie 122 for sale Includes mounting screws for permanent connection if desired Leslie 122 manual in pdf format
Hammond leslie speaker 122a with 30 foot 6 Since no better relationships An effective dating tips Tonewheel General Hospital - Leslie Speaker Parts
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